A JIRA to Camunda Migration Story

2 min readJan 23, 2024

Discover the transformative journey of migrating Agile workflows from JIRA to Camunda BPM. This article unveils a Proof of Concept that demonstrates the seamless transition and enhancement of sprint planning and execution with Camunda’s BPMN prowess.

In the realm of project management and issue tracking, JIRA has stood out as a prominent tool, facilitating Agile methodologies with ease. However, as businesses evolve and seek greater automation and flexibility, the need for more dynamic workflow management solutions becomes apparent. This is where Camunda, with its robust BPMN engine, comes into play.

I am excited to share a recent Proof of Concept (PoC) that I developed, which illustrates the potential of migrating sprint workflows from JIRA to Camunda. This PoC not only demonstrates a seamless transition but also leverages Camunda’s powerful BPMN capabilities to enhance the sprint planning and execution experience.

The PoC in a Nutshell

The heart of this PoC lies in the BPMN process that encapsulates Sprint Creation, Planning, and Execution. It integrates with JIRA using REST API calls, providing a hands-on approach to manage sprints and issues directly from the Camunda platform.

  • Sprint Creation: Initiating a sprint with well-defined goals and timelines.
  • Sprint Planning: Fetching issues from JIRA, selecting them for the sprint, and assigning estimations.
  • Sprint Execution: Managing daily stand-ups and tracking the sprint’s progress through an interactive BPMN diagram.

The Technical Edge

The technical integration with JIRA’s REST API is the linchpin of this PoC. It demonstrates not just a theoretical possibility, but a practical application. The forms for sprint creation and planning are intuitively designed, making the transition from JIRA to Camunda not just possible but also highly efficient.

Explore the project here:

[GitHub Repository Link]